Frequently Asked Questions About Your New Golf Cart Battery Charger

Affordable Golf Cart Battery Chargers

A golf cart battery charger can help prolong the life of your golf cart’s batteries. Electric golf carts are heavily used in some areas of the United States, and a charger is a must-have item. When dealing with flat courses, electric golf carts are the way to go. However, if the course has a lot of hills, then you may want to consider using a gas powered cart.

Common Problems

Many individuals make the mistake of thinking there is an issue with their charger, when it’s really a problem with the golf cart batteries. Two of the most common problems are the golf cart batteries or when the electric golf cart charger is bringing back a failure code. This error could be caused low voltage from the battery bank or by a power surge. If you live in an area where power surges happen often, then it could cause your battery charger to malfunction. The Batteries are a easy fix – buy new ones and the problem goes away, so let’s discuss the latter further.

Power surges

Power surges can fry an electrical circuit. That is where a surge protector comes in handy. If you are experiencing these types of issues with your battery charger, you need to use a surge protector, rather than plugging it straight into the outlet.

Using a surge protector will save you money when it comes to repairs. Your battery charger is an important part of your electric golf cart, and that is why you need to protect your investment. The charger, as well as the cart could be damaged during a power surge. This is a simple solution and small investment that a smart golf cart owner will want to make.

The surge protector can be installed in the power circuit of the battery bank. This will directly stop current from surging through the batteries. It will help prolong battery life, as well as keep your charger functioning correctly.

This will save you the price of a new charger eventually, and keep your cart running efficiently.

Error codes

If you are getting an error on your battery charger, it could be an issue with the cart itself. A simple diagnostic test conducted by a professional repair staff member can help you get to the bottom of your errors. Do not make costly repairs, until you know for sure if the issue is within the charger or if it is in the cart.


Look for a charger that comes with a warranty, as this will protect you if the issue is within your charger. Always test your Golf Cart Battery Charger out right away when you purchase it to ensure it is functioning correctly. You never want surprises when it comes to your charger. It could leave you stranded.

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