Trojan HydroLink Watering System

Learn about the Hydrolink Battery Watering system For Your Golf Cart or RV

Everyone knows that Pete only offers advise and products that he believes in and uses on a regular basis. Most of which are manufactured in the good old US of A. Well here is another good little tip from Pete and his buddy Matt Steele from Truck U talking about the Trojan Battery and the easy to use – easy to install – Hydrolink Battery Watering System.

Quick and easy maintenance

This Battery Watering System is a terrific time saving system when it comes to periodic maintenance on your golf cart. Usually it is a time consuming pain in the you know what dealing with checking the water levels in your battery system on your golf cart. Each battery has individual cells each equals 2 volts. So depending on the type of golf cart you have will dictate how many caps you will need to unscrew and check the water level. Of course some batteries are easier than others to check because the caps might be combined to cover all the cells in one easy to pull cap while others may not.


It is also an issue in tight quarters with clearance issues and access to battery compartments on other types of vehicles or vessels that require a battery system. Sometimes it is a real pain or just down right impossible to check because you cannot get to the caps without removing the whole battery. Boats and RVs especially – they are designed to maximize living quarters or cruising quarters and give little room for the systems they depend on to operate and function properly.

Though if you do not have Trojan Batteries like the 8 volt Trojan T-875 shown in the video, the 6 volt Trojan T-105 or even the 12v Trojan T-1275 in your golf cart, RV or Boat you will need an alternative.

Other alternatives

Some other good quality made-in-the-USA Battery Watering Systems are the Hydrolink Pro-Fill Systems you can learn more about here. Pete offers numerous choices for easy to use good quality watering systems for all your battery needs. You can check out all the watering systems here.

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