The Trojan Hydrolink Watering System

The Trojan Hydrolink Watering System consists of multiple Hydrolink units (one for each battery in the system) which clips to the top of your Trojan battery replacing the 3 or 4 cell caps on top of each battery with one. There is a water filling junction where you attach the refill tubing and a water level indicator to display current water levels. The Trojan HydroLink watering system is quite unique because it uses a non mechanical water level indicator or electrolyte level indicator that will tell you when you need to add water to the battery. This indication system is very straight forward and easy to use and easy to see. (Just as easy as reading the gas gauge in your car) When the viewing glass is black the levels are ok, when they change to white you know you need to add water.

Trojan HydroLink Watering System

Basic Installation Instructions

Installation of this system is quite simple, just remove the old individual cell caps from the top of the your battery and clip in the new hydrolink unit.  Once you have repeated this process on each battery in the system then you attach the tubing to each one. Creating a link between each battery with one open end of the system where a patented connector for your hand pump (usually sold separately) is attached to fill and refill the batteries with water as needed.

Get the kit

Pete’s Golf Carts offers the Trojan Hydrolink battery watering system in numerous kits for your golf cart. If you have other applications with a different brand of battery for a golf cart or duffy electric boat, RV, solar system, yacht or any other application that requires a multi-battery system you should be able to find it here. Whether they are 6 volt, 8 volt, or 12 volt batteries Pete has you covered with universal or cut to fit kits here.

Help is on hand

If you need assistance in anyway please do not hesitate to call us – Pete’s team is here ready to help you. In this case, all we really need to know is the specific golf cart you own. The year, make, model and battery system it uses to operate.  Usually they are all 36 volt, 48 volt, 72 volt or 96 volt. Once we know this we can determine the best system for you and your application.

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If you think you know what you want you can browse pre-cut kits that are made for specific golf cart applications here.

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If you want to learn more about battery watering systems and why they are the smart thing to do for your golf cart or other application continue reading.

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