3 1/2″ Shock Extensions (for Club Car DS Gas)

$ 44.99

3 1/2″ Shock Extender with Standard Threads (SPN-0020).


Club Car DS Golf Cart Shock Extenders

These shock extenders are most often used on the Club Car DS gas model.

Despite what some listings might show, these extenders are NOT universal.   They use standard (coarse) threads and there are some applications that require metric (fine) threads.   Note that we are not aware of any metric shock extenders on the market, and so are not able to offer those.

Pete Says… If installing the LIFT-101 on a DS 96.5 and older, the cart will require (2) sets of shock extenders (SPN-0020). The rear shocks on these carts will have an eyelet and a post style mount.

Club Car DS Golf Cart Shock Extenders

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 5 in