EZ-GO TXT 70V Lithium Battery Kit With Charger – 105 Ah – EB®

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This 70 Volt Lithium Battery Bundle is comprised of a single 70 volt EB battery and a paired 70 volt 15 amp EB lithium charger.

Eco Battery Lithium Golf Cart Batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4); the safest Lithium Battery currently available.  Proven technology that can deliver the goods – OVER and OVER AGAIN…. Now with Industry Leading 8 Year Manufacturers Warranty • Fast recharges – Can be fully charged in 4-6 hours • Longer service life – An average of 3000 to 4000 charge / discharge cycles • Incredible weight savings over a conventional lead acid battery  • Low self discharge – Less than 1% per month.

Please Note: Your EZ-GO TXT model must have a 72-volt controller and 72-volt motor to be compatible with this 70-volt TXT battery, this battery is not compatible with a 48-volt golf cart drivetrain.


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EZ-GO TXT 70 Volt Lithium Battery Kit 105Ah – 70V – EB®

It can be difficult to find the perfect lithium solution to your 72 volt golf cart or low speed vehicle. More and more models are being offered with 72 volt drive systems but until now there has not been a great solution when upgrading to lithium. Enter Eco Battery’s 105Ah EZ-GO TXT 70V Lithium battery and charger kit. Once installed, the benefits of a new EB Lithium 70 Volt Golf Cart Battery from Eco Battery are just what you need! Convert now to lithium batteries in your 72 volt TXT golf cart and don’t look back!  Replacing your lead acid batteries with EB Lithium will enhance overall performance and enjoyment of your cart while taking away the headache of lead acid batteries. In addition, leaking, worn out, and heavy batteries can be a thing of the past! This specific EZGO TXT lithium golf cart battery kit offered by Pete’s Golf Carts is based on the safest form of lithium battery technology available: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).


Top Quality and Reliability: Initially, Eco Battery utilizes top quality materials and processes which produce top-tier batteries. Because of this, the highest grade lithium cells and proprietary BMS provide extended range and longer run times. Continuous Innovation: Eco’s passion and thirst to innovate allows for a strong, robust, new product pipeline. Consequently, this ensures a full portfolio covering all makes and models as well as advanced software yielding the highest output. Customer First Mindset: Additionally, Eco prioritizes a best-in-class experience with their products, including easy & quick installation, no-maintenance, worry-free products, and a strong support network.

Zero Maintenance: With lithium, life is simplified. There’s no need to check for corroded terminals or keep the water topped off in your lead acid batteries. Accordingly, acid stains on your floor can be forgotten about as well! Extended Range: Simultaneously, lithium provides you extended range so you can explore further and play longer with plenty of power to get you home. Reduced Wear and Tear: Due to the reduced weight of lithium batteries, the vehicle experiences less wear and tear on critical engine components compared to lead acid batteries. Longer Life Span: Finally, extend the lifetime of your battery by up to 40% when switching from lead acid to lithium, a promise backed by Eco’s 8-Year Warranty.

Benefits of Lithium Battery Conversion:

  • Maintenance Free Power
  • Low self discharge – Less than 1% per month
  • Faster charging times – Can be fully charged in 3-5 hours
  • Increased battery life – Extended lifetime up to 10x
  • Extended run time – Up to 2x longer than comparable lead acid batteries
  • Weight savings over a conventional lead acid battery ( 1/3rd the weight)
  • 8 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Bluetooth Connectivity


Kit Includes:

  • 70V 105Ah LifePo4 Battery – Eco Battery# A-070105-06
  • 70V CAN Charger (Locking Quick Connect) – Eco Battery# A-1071
  • DC-DC 12V Converter (40V-90V Input) – Eco Battery# A-1272
  • CAN Digital 5V Gauge Kit – Eco Battery# A-3102
  • EZGO TXT Charge Port (Locking) – Eco Battery# A-4022
  • EZGO TXT Battery Tray (Fits all EB Batteries) – Eco Battery# A-8112
  • Bolt Hardware for 51V Skinny, 70V – Eco Battery# A-8003

Still have questions? No problem! Visit the Eco Battery FAQ page for all the answers.

If you are currently in the market for a 70V EZGO TXT Eco Lithium Battery or will need to replace your lead acid batteries soon, Pete suggests you make the switch today – You will be glad you did. Should you have any questions or need help picking the right battery or packaged kit simply reach out to Pete’s Team. 

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