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How To Install a Delta Q QuiQ Charger on your Golf Cart

How To Install a Delta Q QuiQ Charger On Your Golf Cart

How To Install a Delta Q QuiQ Charger on your Golf CartToday we will be working on a Late model Club Car Golf Cart converted to a cool H1 Hummer. We were having problems with the original golf cart battery charger that came with the cart initially.  And since we get quite a few questions concerning how to install the Delta Q QuiQ charger – 912 series we decided to put this basic how to article together.Delta Q QuiQ Charger factory packaged contents Your new Delta Q QuiQ Charger will come from us in the factory box with the specified AC Power Cord for your country’s AC Power grid.  US 110Vac or Europe 230Vac.  You will need to Add to Cart for checkout separately to ensure you are getting the correct power cord you need.  It will come just as the images show.  Basic one page paper instructions and operational explanations.  If you want the full owner’s manual it can be downloaded online from the Delta Q website. We will be installing the 912-4800 model on this cart.  The 912 series consists of 24 volt, 36 volt, 48 volt and 72 volt battery chargers.  All the wiring coming of the charger is the same and not necessarily used or needed.  All of Delta Q’s QuiQ chargers are not the same because Delta Q manufactures chargers specifically for numerous manufacturers of DC power vehicles and equipment.  Though all the Delta Q QuiQ chargers BatteryPete offers are the same and consistent with the following wiring.Delta Q QuiQ Charger 912-4800 with 110v AC Power Cord Positive – red wire with 5/16 ring terminal attaches to the positive pole on the battery bank (usually easily distinguished by the numerous little wires also attached to it versus the single thick (2 Ga) jumper wire when looking at the battery bank in your cart.)  All batteries will show positive and negative terminal positions with a raised + or – Symbol) Delta Q QuiQ Charger general wiring - Positive poles Negative – Black wire and White wire together with 5/16 ring terminal.  They will have a little black box on them which is the temperature sensor used to communicate with the smart charger, usually easily distinguished by the numerous little wires also attached to it versus the single thick (2 Ga) jumper wire when looking at the battery bank in your cart.  All batteries will show positive and negative terminal positions with a raised + or – Symbol. Green wire – (Not required on all carts.) Usually used for interlock on some carts – like the Gem Cars.  Note – the reason this wire is snipped off is because it’s usually not required to install on most popular golf carts like a Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, etc… Side Note – The Interlock operates like a safety mechanism to keep someone from driving off with the golf cart while the golf cart battery charger is still plugged into the wall.  So if your cart has one it requires a signal to determine when in charge mode vs storage mode to allow the cart to go into forward or reverse and actually move.  Notice: The interlock system does not always use the same voltage as the batteries require to charge.  So it is imperative to determine the required voltage for the interlock signal to avoid burning something up on install – 72 volts come off of the Delta Q QuiQ Charger 912-7200’s green wire and if your cart only requires a 12 volt signal to the interlock you will fry the circuit board and most likely something else.  Do the due diligence on your specific make and model golf cart prior to install.  Again most golf carts are very straight forward to install as you will see in the images of this article herein on the Club Car we have here at BatteryPete HQ today. Delta Q QuiQ Golf Cart Charger Ideal Mounting positionsWe will be mounting into the trunk area on this cart.  All Delta Q QuiQ Chargers are designed to be mounted to any flat surface without the need for any kind of additional brackets or hardware.  The charger’s raised case forms a very sturdy mounting leg system that comes pre-drilled for ease of install.  We will be using some small SS bottom top philips screws with an SS washer and an SS nylon lock nut to secure to the fiberglass in the trunk area. Delta Q QuiQ Charger Ideal Mounting solution with wire routing holes drilledWe also drilled a few holes in the fiberglass to accommodate and route the wiring to attach the battery charger to the battery bank forward.  Then an additional hole for the AC power cord to be routed out of the cart for charging.  We recommend using a rubber grommet around the fresh holes in the fiberglass body to avoid damage or chaffing to the power cords from vibration during use of cart, but not required.  Soon to be available is a retractable power cord for your cart if you need a few extra feet to reach the nearest AC outlet in your garage or parking area.  It mounts next to the charger or under the cart where space allows.  (We will add link here as soon as it’s available for purchase.) Once everything has been hooked up and plugged in you will see a combination of lights begin to flash and move on the indicator panel of the charger.  You can refer to the paper included to determine what they represent on your specific application.  All of our chargers are pre-programmed for the batteries in your specific application.  Please make a note at order checkout to give us the brand of battery, the chemistry (Lead Acid, AGM,Gel, Lithium), voltage and Ah rating to expedite shipping of your new Delta Q QuiQ charger.  If we do not receive this information with the order, someone will contact you to make sure you get the right programming.  All Delta Q Battery Chargers are smart chargers in every sense of the term.  They are designed to extend the life of your batteries to the full suggested service life provided by the specific battery manufacturer because they will give your batteries the perfect charge everytime once the proper charging algorithm is installed on your device.  To purchase your new Delta Q charger today or learn more  In the event you purchase new batteries at some point and need to have your charger programmed please feel free to contact us at (954) 675-4068 or (772) 444-2280 to arrange to have your charger sent to us to be re-programmed for your new batteries.  A flat fee of $25.00(USD) will be incurred – plus shipping costs.  If you need frequent programming (more than one charger) ask us about getting your own programming device.