Things To Know Before Buying A New Golf Cart Battery Charger

Things To Know Before Buying A New Golf Cart Battery Charger

We get phone calls and messages all the time from prospective customers wanting to know what is the best golf cart battery charger and how can they determine which one will work in their golf cart.

Things To Know Before Buying A New Golf Cart Battery Charger

Basically the key features of a golf cart charger are they need to re-charge the batteries in your golf cart. So in order to be able to plug in a charger to do so it will need to be of the same operating voltage and the connector style must be the same. The brand of golf cart you own will determine the style of connector you will need.

Popular Connectors and Voltages


An Ezgo Golf Cart uses either a Crowsfoot connector on its older 36 volt carts, or the D36(TxT Style) connector which is rectangular shaped on the end, rounded on one short side with two pins inside two square holes.

Newer 48v Ezgo carts use the triangular shaped 3 pin RXV connector.


Yamaha golf carts use either a two pin Nabson style connector which looks kinda like a toy pair of binoculars , the Newer Style Yamaha carts have a three pin connector with people can say it looks like a triangle shape, or three leaf clover because the corners are formed by a radius.

Club Car

Then we come to the all and ever popular Club Car.

Club Car Golf Carts older than 2000 can be 36v or 48v systems and will have either a crowsfoot connector or a round three pin connector. All club cars newer than 2000 usually have the round one. Though two different types of chargers use the round three pin connector.

Find the Year and Model

You will need to determine the year and model of your Club Car golf cart. You can look at the vin# on the cart. Usually found above the pedal assembly below the dash on a white sticker with a bar code or on the passenger side floor post facing the drivers seat. The first 5 or 6 letter/numbers will determine the year. Example A9905 = a 1999 Club Car DS manufactured in the 5th week of production that year. Club Car golf carts newer than 1995 have what is known as an OBC “Onboard Computer” and if this is still functional in your golf carts charging circuit you will require one style charger that uses the three pin connector and if you club car is older than 1995 or if someone bypassed the OBC you will need a different one.

Get help to choose a battery

If you ever need some technical direction to determine the correct charger for your application you can give Pete’s team a jingle at 772-247-GOLF and they will be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction in purchasing the correct charger. Pete’s team is always standing by to help you. Click here to to shop all our Golf Cart Battery Chargers.

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