Golf Cart Rear Seat Cushions - FAQ

Golf Cart Rear Seat Cushion Sets – FAQ

If you are in search of a new replacement set of golf cart rear seat cushions you may need to review the basic information below we find customer ask most frequently when shopping for new golf cart rear seat cushions. It should be know that all major golf cart manufacturers like Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha do not make a Rear Flip Seat for their golf carts. They are all aftermarket accessories. You will find probably 15-20 manufacturers over the years have made these… so not all are equal. Though most of them are standardized to the point our golf cart rear seat cushions will work as a quality replacement. We do have a cart specific vinyl color but all are built around a Universal board. Which is a quality plastic board designed to be attached to your rear seat kit in a couple of ways and to avoid wood rot or degrading from the elements over the years. Read on to learn more and maybe one of the following answered questions applies to your questions as well prior to purchase. Ready to Shop? Follow Me to Pete’s Seat Section.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Are the sizes standard?

Do the sizes of the cushions vary on the Club Car golf cart or are they a standard size of one size fits all?
– migflyer

Answer: Front seats are standard, back seats are not

Front seats on all carts are standard “For Sure” Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha make their own bolstered or shaped seat. But none of these guys make their own rear seat kit… All are after market… probably 20 manufacturers make a rear seat kit… Most are standard size but best to measure length and wide of rear seat bottom to confirm that our universal board design will work… Really you just need the seat bottom to cover the factory drilled holes in the seat kit… Then we usually just run in a flat head wood type screw into the plastic – never an issue. Usually 1 1/4″ is perfect.

You can always snap a picture of your rear seat kit from a few feet away at an angle and attach to an email at or from the contact us or help page in our website…. we can take a look to be sure…

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