How To Break In My New Electric Golf Cart Motor

How To Break In My New Electric Golf Cart Motor

Today we will be discussing the break in procedure for your new electric golf cart motor. After numerous questions and concerns I felt it was important to start a discussion on this topic. Please reply or like this post should you have any questions or input. If you would like to see some of the electric golf cart motors we currently offer go here.

Electric Motor Overview

Electric motors built for higher speeds and higher torque can require more current, bigger controllers and larger wires. As the new motors come off of the factory floor, a “break-in period” is needed to properly seat the brushes against the commutator. This procedure will help prolong the life of your electric motor.

On a new motor, the surface of the commutator has milling marks from the machining process. These marks can prevent the brushes from making a good connection as the motor turns. The friction causes heat buildup and can prematurely damage the brush material or burn the commutator.

How To Break In My New Electric Golf Cart Motor

How to Break-In an Electric Motor

The break-in process is simple to perform. Drive 6-10 miles at various speeds, go easy on the acceleration and the motor will last a long time.

1. Drive the cart on pavement. Accelerate slowly. Maintain full speed for 5-10 minutes then stop to check the motor temperature.

2. Check the motor temperature every (10) minutes for the first half an hour by touching the center section (red) followed by the aluminum bell end (silver). If the aluminum end bell is too hot to touch, stop and let it cool. If you can hold your hand on the motor for more than (5) seconds, drive a few more miles and recheck the temperature.

CAUTION: Be careful not to touch the bare electrical connections with the power applied.

Where to check the temperature on a new golf cart motor

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the 6-10 mile break-in period is complete and the motor is running cooler.

NOTE: The speed and torque will increase as the brushes make better contact with the commutator. The cooler motor will run more efficiently so the cart can be driven at a normal speed.

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Other Motor Tips

1. Check all wire connections, battery terminals, controller connections and motor terminals. Make sure everything is connected.

2. The cart’s solenoid must be rated for the correct current. Undersized solenoids can cause controller failure.

3. Make sure the solenoid has a diode and a pre-charge resistor. Your Admiral Electrical Motor break-in is now complete.

If you have recently purchased a new Admiral electric golf cart motor from us and have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to call us at (772) 247-GOLF with your questions or concerns. Pete’s Team is always standing by to help. This How To – Break In a New Electric Golf Cart Motor post was written for your benefit because we care about our customers and want to make sure you get the information needed to get your golf cart running again. Even faster than before – we are not one of those companies that sells something to you and does not offer support or service. We pride ourselves on our great customer service. Whether you bought a custom golf cart from us or just a battery charger. Purchasing and installing a electric golf cart motor is a very technical and specific task. We do recommend the installation of all our motors be performed by a professional if you are not very well informed or know your way around a tool box.

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