Golf Cart High Speed Series Motor Kit Club Car Motor Controller

$ 1,699.99

This Golf Cart High Speed Motor Kit is designed for 36 volt or 48 volt Club Car with Series motor. If you have the need for speed this is the kit! You can expect to reach speeds around 19-22 mph. Kit Includes Motor, Controller and Solenoid!

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Golf Cart High Speed Series Motor Kit Club Car Motor Controller Solenoid

This Golf Cart High Speed Motor Kit is designed for 36 volt or 48 volt Club Car with Series motor. If you are looking for MORE speed this is the kit! No Problem! This package will provide approx 5% more Torque than the stock golf cart and will hit top speeds of around 25 mph depending on tire/wheel size and pressures being used. This set up is ideal for a street cart, community cruising and mostly flat terrain. The Motor fits on the 10 Tooth Club Car Differential Spline. If longer range is desired over top speed, then the Alltrax controller can be reprogrammed easily to do so. Includes Golf Cart Motor (PGC-170-016-0002), SR-48400 5k-0 Alltrax Controller (400 Amp Programmable), Complete Wire Kit & Solenoid Kit (includes resistor, diode, mounting brackets, and hardware).

Please specify what type of cart you have and battery configuration so we we can ship the proper wire kit based on the number of batteries.

All Of Pete’s high performance motors are Made in the USA! Better quality and performance then all others. More copper and more steel mean more power…. This allows for greater current flow and better thermal capabilities. Less current draw equates to better efficiency and that equals longer run time or greater vehicle range. 180 °C Thermal Rating (Class H) This high performance golf cart motor meets or exceeds the Class H thermal rating specifications. can be used in 36 or 48v applications – Though note higher operating voltage will equate to more motive power… 30 Years Golf Cart Motor manufacturing experience with a product defect rate of less than 1%.

Please Note THIS MOTOR COMBO IS NOT FOR ANY REGEN MODELS !!! To Confirm this is the Best Setup for your application and performance requirements give us a call or go to our – Choosing A Golf Cart Motor Tool. This combo kit CAN be used on the Club Car golf carts 1996 and up : 5K-0 Throttle Setting.

Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Electric Motor Kit High Torque 2010 and Up

This Golf Cart High Speed and Torque Motor Kit Includes the following:

  • High Speed Series Motor
  • 400 Amp Series Motor Controller
  • Curtis 500 Amp Solenoid
  • Solenoid Diode and Resistor
  • 4 AWG Copper Cable Kit (Batteries, Controller, Motor)
  • Easy install with NO golf cart controller programming. “(Note – We CAN program to be used in Club Car : 0-5K Throttle Settings if told prior to shipping.)”

Performance Specs:

  • Approx Vehicle Speed : 19-22 MPH
  • Performance  – Speed
  • Speed Enhancement : 70 %
  • Torque Enhancement : 5 %
  • Motor RPM : 5800
  • Peak HP : 8.5

 The Small Print – Not So Small –

Golf Cart performance specs are compared to the standard factory performance. Several factors can effect the performance. Some are battery conditions; tire size, tread type and air pressure; and varying environmental conditions. Standard factory speeds normally run between 12-14 MPH. This information is based on a standard factory gear ratio and no trailer hitch being present on the cart.

Any change in gear ratio or addition of a trailer hitch will void any liability or warranty from manufacturer unless authorized or confirmed prior to purchase. If you do not know what you need but know what you want call us today and we will help make sure you order the correct set up for your needs.

Please feel free to contact us at  888-531-7383 or drop us a line at PGC@PETESPOWER.COM should you have any questions. Pete’s Team is always standing by to help you!