What Is The Difference Between Old Style Golf Cart Battery Chargers And The New Style Chargers

What Is The Difference Between Old Style Golf Cart Battery Chargers And The New Style Chargers Like The Lester Summit Series II?

What Is The Difference Between My Old Golf Cart Battery Charger And The New Style Chargers Like The Lester Summit Series?

This is a common question asked like daily since the FDOE “Federal Department of Energy” mandated that all manufacturers of golf cart battery chargers and any other power supply of charging systems that use or require AC power from the grid to convert to DC power to charge an Ev will need to be more efficient in converting power.

Since then all the major manufacturers of Golf Cart Battery Chargers like Delta Q, Diversified Power International, Lester Electrical and several others have had to comply and basically re-invent the wheel with battery charger technology. All but a few have gone completely solid state vs transformer based chargers to make their respective chargers more efficient. All of which is only good things for the average user like you and me. Since this mandate these manufacturers had to re-tool their manufacturing plants and processes to do so yet since they where on the task they made other changes as well to make their products better. Some companies did more than others… You can see and compare how they stack up here – Who Makes the Best Golf Cart Battery Charger 2019

What Is The Difference Between Old Style Golf Cart Battery Chargers And The New Style Chargers

Solid State vs Transformer Based Golf Cart Battery Chargers

The basic difference why your old golf cart battery charger weighted a ton vs the new light weight chargers is the old one has a transformer inside (Learn More About Your Old Golf Cart Battery Charger With Power Transformers) and the new ones have PCBs “Printed Circuit Boards” diodes and resistors.

The new chargers are more efficient at converting AC Power To DC Power to charge your golf cart batteries. Hence saving you a few dollars on your electric bill but more importantly reducing the demands placed on the national power grid. Just think if only 50% of golf cart owners plugged in across the nation say 10 million golf cart battery chargers. WOW!!! Lots of power needed. So what if we said these new chargers are between 33-50% percent more efficient? The need to build another power plant can be put off for the time being and for once the government was thinking… making the private sector foot the bill to solve a problem.

Now for the good stuff…. Other features and benefits found in the new style chargers never seen before in the transformer based chargers.

Auto-Sensing Feature – Senses and Charges based on voltage feed back from system to be charged. 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt systems.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Only some models – Like the All New Lester Summit II Series Golf Cart Battery Chargers

Charge Data and Tracking – Available with Lester Summit II Series Chargers as well – Download the App and then you can see what your charger is doing in real time and in previous charge cycles. All via Bluetooth with a smart phone or similar device.

IP66 Rated – Water resistant – Delta Q iC Series – Lester Summit II Series –

Programmable – Customization available to set charge Algorithm specific to your batteries chemistry, size and voltage. Which allows for a better charge and hence longer battery life and better performance. That alone is a triple crown winner!!!

Universal Design – One Charger – Any Application – Lester Summit Series II Chargers


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