Buying New Golf Cart Batteries - What Is the Best Battery For My Application

Buying New Golf Cart Batteries – What Is the Best Battery For My Application

Choosing the right golf cart battery is important to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. Read on to get the benefit of the deep expertise from the Pete’s Golf Carts team.

What is the difference between a deep cycle battery, a starting battery, and a dual-purpose battery?

A deep cycle battery has the ability to be deeply discharged and charged many times during its service life. It is designed specifically for powering electrical equipment for long periods of time. An automotive or starting battery is designed for brief bursts of high current and cannot withstand more than a few deep discharges before failure. This is why it is unable to start your car if you accidentally leave the lights on more than a couple of times. For applications where both engine starting and light deep cycling are required, a dual-purpose battery is often used. This type of battery is neither a starting nor a deep cycle battery but rather a compromise between the two so it performs both functions adequately. Only deep cycle batteries should be used in renewable energy applications.

What’s better? 36 Volt 48 Volt or 72 Volt systems?

Systems with higher loads continuous will be better served by higher voltages such 48 volt or 72 volts if you are looking for better performance (High Torque or Speed) from a upgraded motor or controller set up to minimize voltage drop which impacts overall system performance. The size of the battery or the Ah rating will directly effect the range or time between re-charge. Not all batteries are equal when it comes to capacity (Ah).

Why do manufacturers use different alloys in their batteries (lead-calcium, lead-antimony, lead selenium, etc.)?

The composition of the plate grid alloy can have a major effect on operating characteristics, such as behavior on float charging and cycle life. Older lead-antimony designs have good cycling capability but require frequent water additions, particularly towards the end of life, due to antimony migration between the plates. Cells with lead-calcium alloys require far less watering, but tend to have a poor cycle life. Lead-selenium alloys are actually low-antimony types with the addition of selenium as a hardening agent. Such alloys promote good cycling capability, while maintaining a constant and fairly low level of water consumption. Many variants on these alloy types are commercially available.

Who makes the best batteries for my golf cart?

We would recommend any battery manufactured in the US. This would include Crown Golf Cart Batteries, Deka Golf Cart  Batteries, Trojan Golf cart Batteries or US Battery. The quality of the battery will be determined by the quality of the lead product inside. These battery brands have been around for a long time and are all top notch. You get what you pay for – if anyone you see is advertising a new golf cart battery that costs less than $100 ea – buyer beware!

Regional variation

Quality lead products are pretty consistent across the board though we have seen in certain areas of the country steep price increases based on one companies saturation in an area (no local or regional competitors). So depending on your area of the country one brand might be readily accessible vs another.

Shipping challenges

Shipping these types of batteries is not as easy as shipping for a new custom golf cart dash kit or lift kit.

These types of batteries cannot be shipped via common carrier, and will need to be shipped via tractor trailer LTL (less than load) freight. We need to ship to a commercial address with access to a loading dock, or have a forklift on hand in most cases. If not we might not be able to supply you with batteries for your golf cart and will need to look for a local battery supplier.

Just ask – help is always available

You can always drop us a line here on the contact us page and just say – “Please help! We need golf cart batteries for our golf cart.” Leave a name , number and your zip code. We might be able to have an affiliate warehouse or battery specialist come by in a smaller truck or van to drop off your new batteries and pick up your old ones. Installation is even available for these scenarios. Though for a small additional fee – usually around 75-100 bucks.

How do I select the right battery for my application?

Someone said I need to buy an AGM, Gel or Lithium Battery instead of the regular “Flooded” Lead Acid Golf Cart Batteries mentioned herein. Proper battery selection may require the assistance of a knowledgeable battery specialist. You might need to talk to Pete himself or one of the team members.

Though, most golf cart applications will still fall under the basic lead acid battery options available for purchase from our golf cart battery section found here.

Lead acid batteries are the most affordable power solution to your golf cart needs. Usually if you want to upgrade in chemistry to an AGM, GEl or Lithium application the cost will also increase 2, 3 or 10 fold depending… So if you still think you might need the cycle life or 10x the life of a regular golf cart battery and paying 2 to 5 thousand dollars or more for a battery bank is still realistic for you to consider.

Please contact us at 772-444-2280 or 772-247-GOLF and ask for assistance from one of our team members about AGM GEL or Lithium Golf Cart Batteries.

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