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Electric Golf Cart Motors The How and Why We Like Them

Personally I gauge all my vehicles by how cool they look and how fast they go… I couldn’t careless about air conditioning or cruise control, but that is just me. Which brings me full circle to the specific topic of today. Golf carts… Why are they so popular today? Then the how and why we like them conversation.

Fast and Quiet

My answer to how I would like one would be FAST!!! but quiet….Actually it would be Really FAST!!!!!! but still quiet. Lets face it golf carts are slow, and compared to my standards really slow. I am the guy that has hit 180-200 mph on the way to work just because I can. Then there is the fact that if you have a bomb under foot sooner or later you are gonna test it! So that means you would need a really fast high performance electric golf cart motor and powerful operating system to make that happen.

Plum Quick Motors

So if you are anything like me you will want to meet and become friends with the Plum Quick Boys… They have been breaking and setting World Records with Golf carts for years… Checkout some of these golf carts. Then if you still want to go fast and want to run a Plum Quick Set up checkout all of our high performance electric golf cart motors here on Pete’s Golf Carts High Performance Electric Golf Cart Motors. You might need to determine the specifics about your golf carts operating system first so these How to articles will probably come in handy.

Range, performance, low emissions

Now for the why … Or in my mind I say Why Not? Anyhow, it is really simple. Golf carts are reliable, quiet and almost trouble free cheap transportation. Perfect for coastal and vacation towns where the weather is nice and everything is centrally located. Even now with urban sprawl in full effect you will find a golf cart in one and ten households nationwide – (I am not for certain, but willing to bet it is pretty darn close) – especially the electric variety for other reasons like low emissions, range and performance.

Smell the roses

You can literally drive a golf cart from one end of my town to the other with no problem and still turn around and make it back without having to push it. Which is great as long as I have about an hour to make the trek. Whereas in my car I can do the round trip in about 15 minutes. So that means the older generations that have retired and have free time to stop and smell the roses or in this case take an hour to get to and from the local grocery store love them.

Low cost of ownership

Especially those on fixed incomes and want to save money a electric golf cart is a great idea. Average cost of ownership is approx $400-500 annually. Which is incredible because my car payment every month is more than that. Like I said I like fast cars… LOL! But factor in my insurance and gas and I am around $1200 a month. So with that said I could save well over 10k a year if I could only handle the idea of taking an hour to get to the grocery store.


So there you have it… The how and why we like electric golf carts… To sum it up for the speed reader … Buy a Golf cart and save over $10,000.00 dollars a year in automobile expenses, stop and smell the roses, and cruise through your town quietly and efficiently while helping to do your part for mother nature and the environment by lowering emissions and green house gases.

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