How To Make Electric Golf Cart Ownership Painless

How To Make Life Easy For The New Electric Golf Cart Owner

So you purchased a new golf cart. Congrats… Time to have fun and save money on gas or enjoy a new activity with the family. Going to get ice cream down town or take a cruise down the street to the lake, river or ocean. Always fun to do with family or friends. The benefits of golf cart ownership are usually mixed but a perfect vehicle for others with unique needs.

With ownership comes responsibility, and you need to know some basic things to know how to maintain your electric golf cart in tip top shape. The heart of your electric golf cart is the battery bank and the charging system. These two things can directly effect your level of enjoyment or frustration with your new golf cart. Golf Cart Batteries need to be maintained and checked regularly, at least once or twice a month depending on usage. We will cover the basics below in this short How To Article and offer some instant solutions to these tasks or traditional issues and provide some insight on how to make your golf cart ownership and life a little easier.

5 Basic Things To Do To Keep Your Electric Golf Cart In Good Working Order

Braking System and Hill Brake

Annually or semi -annually depending on usage spray a lithium grease or a good quality penetrating lubricant to keep the mechanism from rusting out prematurely and in good working order. Simply spray in between the go and stop pedal.  Apply the apply hill brake, spray, release, and repeat until satisfied it is covered on all sides.

Checking Tire Alignment and Air Pressure

Check tire pressure monthly when you are checking the water levels in your batteries. Easy to do with a good tire pressure gauge… Should have between 25 and 40 psi in your tires…. Check the side wall for directions…. Some tires are for utility carts and have heavier load ratings which require higher air pressure vs a standard 18×8.5×8 golf cart tire for the golf course. As for tire alignment you can take a tape measure and go from center to center on the front tires and take a measurement ( write it down ) then repeat the process at the rear of the front tires…. tolerances are usually 1/4 to 3/8″ wider at the rear to allow for a slight tow in to front. You do not really need to go through this process if a quick look at your front tires on the golf cart look to be wearing well. If they have abnormal wear to inside /outside or down center then it can be addresses. Unusual wear down the center of the tire usually means they are over inflated.

Greasing or Lubricating Moving Parts

Always put a grease gun on grease points annually or semi-annually. Common areas are front end parts that are part of steering linkage and some wheel hubs on older carts.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Always re-charge your golf cart batteries after every use. Always store carts fully charged. Always check and fill battery water levels after cart is fully charged to make sure you do not over fill batteries. ( This should be performed monthly. ) Checkout some of Pete’s one point watering systems to save time and take the guess work out of battery watering. Find the watering system for your golf cart here.

Keeping Your Golf Cart Battery Charged

If you are a seasonal resident and only use your electric golf cart part of the year and store for several months at a time you might want to consider a smart charger to babysit your golf cart batteries while you are away. Checkout Lester’s new Summit Series II chargers here… hands down the best golf cart battery charger money can buy at the moment. Backed up by Lester’s Industry best 4 year manufactures warranty.

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