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Vintage Golf Carts and Parts

Vintage Golf Cart Popularity

If you are looking into purchasing a golf cart or looking for your next project maybe a vintage golf cart is it? if you are anything like Pete or myself cool stuff just gets your heart pounding. I mean – cool to us is anything with an engine that goes fast ” The faster the better”, cars, boats, motorcycles and yes golf carts…. We never guessed we would ever drive a golf cart because we are not golfers but gearheads. Yet here we are building, driving, racing and wrenching on them more and more… crazy how life takes us down roads less traveled.

Anyhow, the vintage stuff is becoming more popular only because of the guys like us that want something different. Outside the norm – Club Car, Ezgo, Yamaha – yea… yea… yea… We sell tons of parts and accessories for all the new stuff, but we also offer quite a bit of parts for the old stuff as well. And if we do not there are other companies that offer them as well. So you can rebuild and restore a vintage golf cart with relative ease knowing alot of the parts you will need are readily available. Vintage Gas Golf Carts are a little harder to find parts sometimes, but only the rare ones… Columbia Par Car Golf Carts, Harley Davidson Golf Carts are still easy to find stuff for the old 2 cycle gas engines from the early 1960’s thru the 1990’s…¬† As for the electric stuff, man if you can find a solid chassis and cart with good bones and body panels… go for it! all the electric stuff can be upgraded… Think resto-mod! But for a golf cart not your classic or vintage Chevy or Ford!

Cool Looking Vintage Golf Carts

If you are shaking your head saying to yourself a cool looking golf cart? Really? These guys are nuts… Just checkout some of these pictures of cool looking classic and vintage golf carts. Ok.. so we agree not all of them are not so practical but that is what makes them cool…. Who ever said a 1966 Shelby Cobra was practical? But cool… Hell yea! Heck if you have one you want to share with us.. just comment on this post and attach a photo or two below… Even if you are looking to sell one stick it on there maybe someone will see it and buy. Nothing lasts forever …right! I am becoming more and more like Pete these days… I asked him once ” Pete… What is your favorite car? He said the next one! I am like ok… What is it? He says… ” I don’t know!” I love them all and way to many cars I would still like to play with and drive or enjoy… Once I am done working on one or restoring I drive it a few times and have some fun with it then sell it – just to buy another fixer… Ah some I have kept but very few compared to what I have owned over the years…¬†These vintage golf carts are the same thing… I just like to bring things back to life or their former glory. I like to make things better…

Vintage Golf Cart Values

The value of something like a classic car or vintage golf cart is really very weird. It is all relative to what someone is willing to pay for it. Somethings like cars or motorcycles have a pretty solid base because of the popularity and following over the century but a golf cart or quirky things like that have value and we have seen them go for thousands more than when they where new…. Heck, someone just sold a Vintage Major League Baseball Support Vehicle ( The Bull-Pens Three Wheeler Harley Davidson Golf Cart) for like $14,000.00

Craziness huh? Not really… Here are a few other well noted sales over the last decade.

Vintage Golf Cart Parts


Vintage Golf Cart Custom Seats


Sneaky Pete Go Fast Goodies….

22 thoughts on “Vintage Golf Carts and Parts

  1. I just finished a jato walker 36v 1965 cart I would like to sell .how do I send you pictures

    1. Dave – That’s Super Cool Cart…. Send over to

    2. Is your cart still available?

      1. Duwayne – Thanks for the inquiry. Give us a jingle and ask for Pete or someone in golf cart sales to help. We have many…

        Pete’s team

  2. I have a 1960 Club Car Motor (rebuilt) and rear end(chain drive) anyone interested call 715 891 2826

    1. Do you still have any of the parts for the Club Car? I have purchased a Club Car that had been restored for a prop at the Michigan State campus. I have the original electric motor but unfortunately, they cut the drive shafts.

  3. Also have the 1960 cart with new rebuilt body and newer rear end. 715 891 2826

  4. I recently got a Capri electric cart from an estate auction. Looks to be a very cool candidate for restoration, but I can’t find anything about the manufacturer, parts, etc. Ever heard of Capri or know if other model parts can be used if original/repop parts are unavailable? Thanks for any info!

    1. Steve – Send over some pics and I will take a look. But yes regardless of make some parts will always be universal or cross over from golf cart to golf cart….


  5. I have an older Club Car that I was told was a 1958 but have since been told probably not because of the front guarding. Anyway, the body and frame have been restored but drive shafts were cut for a display prop. It needs a restore on the motor or new one? No batteries or charger either.
    Need help!!

    1. SORRY FOR THE BELATED RESPONSE…. Sounds like a really cool project. Send a few pics to and I will take a look. Some stuff will still be easy to find other stuff might be harder. What are you thinking restoring original or would you like to update to today’s technology?


  6. I have a 1977 DE-3 Harley Davidson 3 wheel, steering wheel golf cart in great condition. Any idea where I could find collectors interested in buying this one?

    1. Bob – Cool Golf Cart! Sure send a few pics to and I will take a look. … and all your information about it…. what you are looking to get out of it , etc… We have customers looking from time to time…. but have alot of people that visit our site every day. We have also put up customer carts on the site in the for sale section. Put all your info and contact number in the listing for potential buyer to contact you for a one-time $35 charge to create the listing…


    2. I am interested in the steering wheel. You could email me some pictures. Thanks, John

  7. Looking for a control box and points among other parts for a 1965 harley Davidson golf cart

    1. Kevin – Kinda hard to find these days…. but send over some part numbers and we will put into the inventory data base across our national network to see whats available. Also if you need engine parts we will need to know which motor is in your HD.

      Pete’s team

  8. Pete, just bought a Pargo cart. Need am emblem for the front with Pargo . Can you help? I think the cart is a 69, or 70. Thanks

    1. Marc – Thank you for your inquiry but sorry to say we do not…

      Petes Team

      1. I have a Vibo Challenger golf cart. I cannot find much info any history or resources available?

        1. Snake Eyes here as well….

  9. All

    I am trying to locate a discontinued part for our older 1981 DS Electric Club Car.
    Please contact me if one is found or available.

    Vinyl Mounting Pad Part# 1011115 Beige or Black in color.

    Thanks in advance

  10. I just bought a 73 Harley Davidson gas golf car and looking for a good site to get parts, a top/cover for it

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