Vintage Golf Carts and Parts

Vintage Golf Cart Popularity

If you are looking to purchase a golf cart for your next project- maybe its time to look at a vintage golf cart?

The vintage stuff is becoming more popular only because of the guys like us that want something different.  We sell tons of parts and accessories for all the new stuff, but we also offer some parts for the old stuff as well.  So you can rebuild and restore a vintage golf cart if you are willing to do some searching. Vintage Gas Golf Carts are a little harder to find parts sometimes, but only the rare ones.   Columbia Par Car and Harley Davidson Golf Cart parts are still easy to find  for the old 2 cycle gas engines from the early 1960’s thru the 1990’s.  As for the electric models,  a solid chassis and cart with good bones and body panels can be upgraded… think resto-mod!

Cool Looking Vintage Golf Carts

If you are shaking your head saying to yourself a cool looking golf cart? Really?   Just wait!  Checkout some of these pictures of cool looking classic and vintage golf carts on Petes Golf Carts.   Not all of them are practical, but that is what makes them cool…. Who ever said a 1966 Shelby Cobra was practical?   But cool… Hell yea!  If you have one you want to share with us, comment on this post and attach a photo or two below.  If you are looking to sell one, you can it add it and maybe find your buyer.    Vintage golf carts bring a special level of satisfaction when you can bring them back to life or their former glory.

Vintage Golf Cart Values

The value of something like a classic car or vintage golf cart is really very weird. It is all relative to what someone is willing to pay for it. Somethings like cars or motorcycles have a pretty solid base because of the popularity and following over the century but a golf cart or quirky things like that have value and we have seen them go for thousands more than when they were new.   A vintage Major League Baseball Support Vehicle ( The Bull-Pens Three Wheeler Harley Davidson Golf Cart) recently sold for $14,000.00; Craziness huh? Not really… Here are a few other well noted sales over the last decade.

Vintage Golf Cart Parts

Vintage Golf Cart Custom Seats

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