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What Model and What Year is My Yamaha Golf Cart

What Year is My Yamaha Golf Cart

If you are trying to determine the year of your Yamaha golf cart, you will first need to find the golf cart’s identification plate or sticker or have the vehicle’s serial number and date code. Usually found under the seat, under the driver side glove box area or on the chassis towards the rear of the golf cart. Under the bumper area usually. Once you have located this you can use the chart below to cross-reference those numbers and determine the year and model of your Yamaha Golf Cart.

Yamaha Year, Model & Serial Number Table

Special Note – The first three (3) Characters in that number is really all you need to determine model and year of manufacture.

Yamaha Electric Golf Carts 

Yamaha Drive – AKA = YDRE

Serial Number Model Year
JW9-300101 YDREL 2013
JW9-200101 YDREK 2012.5
JW9-100101 YDREK 2012
JW9-000101 YDREJ 2011
JW2-300101 YDREH 2010
JW2-200101 YDREG 2009
JW2-100101 YDREF 2008
JW2-000101 YDREE 2007

Yamaha Drive – AKA = YDREPT or PTV

Serial Number Model  Year
JC1-400101 YDRELPT 2013
JC1-300101 YDREKPT 2012.5
JC1-200101 YDREKPT 2012
JC1-100101 YDREJPT 2011
JC1-000101 YDREHPT 2010

Yamaha U-Max AKA = G27E 

Serial Number Model  Year
JU8-500101 G27EF 2008
JU8-400101 G27EE 2007
JU8-300101 G27EC 2006
JU8-000301 G27EA 2005
JU8-000101 G27EZ 2004

Yamaha – U-Max AKA = G23E 

Serial Number Model  Year
JU6-700101 G23EH 2010
JU6-600101 G23EG 2009
JU6-500101 G23EF 2008
JU6-400101 G23EC 2007
JU6-300101 G23EC 2006
JU6-000301 G23EA 2005
JU6-000101 G23EZ 2004

Yamaha – G-Max AKA = G22E 

Serial Number Model  Year
JU2-400101 G22EE 2007
JU2-306201 G22ED 2006
JU2-300101 G22EC 2006
JU2-205701 G22EB 2005
JU2-200101 G22EA 2005
JU2-100101 G22EZ 2004
JU2-000101 G22EY 2003

Yamaha – Ultima 48v AKA = G19E 

Serial Number Model  Year
JR1-600101 G19EX 2002
JR1-500101 G19EW 2001
JR1-400101 G19EU 2000
JR1-300101 G19ET 1999
JR1-200101 G19ES 1998
JR1-100101 G19ER 1997
JR1-000101 G19EP 1996

Yamaha – Ultima 36v AKA = G16E 

Serial Number Model  Year
JN8-600101 G16EX 2002
JN8-500101 G16EW 2001
JN8-400101 G16EU 2000
JN8-300101 G16ET 1999
JN8-200101 G16ES 1998
JN8-100101 G16ER 1997
JN8-000101 G16EP 1996

Yamaha – Ultima 36v AKA = G14E 

Serial Number Model  Year
JN4-200101 G14EP 1996
JN4-100101 G14EM 1995

Yamaha – Fleet Master AKA = G9E 

Serial Number Model Year
JH7-300101 G9EM 1995
JH7-201801 G9EK/KP 1994
JH7-200149 G9EJ 1994
JH7-100101 G9EJ 1993
JH7-000125 G9EH2 1992
JG6-100101 G9EH1 1992


Gas Carts
























Yamaha – Fleet Classic AKA = G8E 

Serial Number Model Year
JF3-401801 G8EKP 1994
JF3-400101 G8EK 1994
JF3-300101 G8EJ 1993
JF3-200101 G8EH 1992
JF3-100101 G8EG 1991
JF3-000005 G8EF 1990

Yamaha – Sun Classic AKA = G5E 

Serial Number Model  Year
J51-200101 G5EH 1992
J51-100101 G5EG 1991
J51-000101 G5EF 1990

Yamaha – Sun Classic AKA = G3E 

Serial Number Model Year
J46-000101 G3-E 1987

Yamaha – AKA = G2E 

Serial Number Model  Year
J56-200101 G2-EG 1991
J56-100101 G2-EF 1990
J56-000101 G2-ED 1989
JE2-000101 G2-EC 1988
J41-053101 G2-EB 1988
J41-030101 G2-EB 1987
J41-016101 G2-E 1986
J41-000101 G2-E5 1985

Yamaha – AKA = G1E 

Serial Number Model Year
J36-011212 G1-EM 1986
J36-010101 G1-EM5 1985
J36-000101 G1-EM4 1984
J26-000101 G1-EM3 1983
J22-000101 G1-E3 1982
J14-100101 G1-E2 1981
J14-000101 G1-E 1980

Yamaha Gas Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles

Yamaha Drive – AKA = YDRA

Serial Number Model  Year
JW8-300101 YDRAL 2013
JW8-200101 YDRAK 2012.5
JW8-100101 YDRAK 2012
JW8-000101 YDRAJ 2011
JW1-300101 YDRAH 2010
JW1-200101 YDRAG 2009
JW1-100101 YDRAF 2008
JW1-000101 YDRAE 2007

Yamaha Drive – AKA = YDRAPT or PTV

Serial Number Model
JC0-400101 YDRALPT 2013
JC0-300101 YDRAKPT 2012.5
JC0-200101 YDRAKPT 2012
JC0-100101 YDRAJPT 2011
JC0-000101 YDRAHPT 2010

Yamaha Adventurer 2 – AKA=YTF2

Serial Number Model Year
JW7-400101 YT2AL 2013
JW7-300101 YT2AK 2012.5
JW7-200101 YT2AK 2012
JW7-100101 YT2AJ 2011
JW7-000101 YT2AH 2010

Yamaha Adventurer 2 – AKA=YTF2

Serial Number Model  Year
JW6-500101 YT1AL 2013
JW6-400101 YT1AK 2012.5
JW6-300101 YT1AK 2012
JW6-200101 YT1AJ 2011
JW6-100101 YT1AH 2010
JW6-000101 YT1AG 2009

Yamaha U-Max- AKA= G28A

Serial Number Model  Year
JU9-600101 G28AG 2009
JU9-500101 G28AF 2008
JU9-400101 G28AE 2007
JU9-300101 G28AC 2006
JU9-000301 G28AA 2005
JU9-000101 G28AZ 2004

Yamaha U-Max- AKA= G27A (Light Duty)

Serial Number Model Year
JU7-500101 G27AF 2008
JU7-400101 G27AE 2007
JU7-300101 G27AC 2006
JU7-000501 G27AA 2005
JU7-000101 G27AZ 2004

Yamaha U-Max- AKA= G23A

Serial Number Model  Year
JU5-600101 G23AG 2009
JU5-500101 G23AF 2008
JU5-400101 G23AE 2007
JU5-300101 G23AC 2006
JU5-000401 G23AA 2005
JU5-000101 G23AZ 2004

Yamaha G-Max- AKA= G22A

Serial Number Model  Year
JU0-400101 G22AE 2007
JU0-310101 G22AD 2006
JU0-300101 G22AC 2006
JU0-209201 G22AB 2005
JU0-200101 G22AA 2005
JU0-100101 G22AZ 2004
JU0-000101 G22AY 2003

Yamaha Hauler – AKA=G21A

Serial Number Model  Year
JR6-300101 G21AZ 2004
JR6-200101 G21AY 2003
JR6-100101 G21AX 2002
JR6-000101 G21AW 2001

Yamaha Concierge – AKA=G20A

Serial Number Model  Year
JR8-200101 G20AX 2002
JR8-100101 G20AW 2001
JR8-000101 G20AU 2000

Yamaha Ultima – AKA=G16A

Serial Number Model  Year
JN6-600101 G16AX 2002
JN6-500101 G16AW 2001
JN6-400101 G16AU 2000
JN6-300101 G16AT 1999
JN6-200101 G16AS 1998
JN6-100101 G16AR 1997
JN6-000101 G16AP 1996

Yamaha Ultima – AKA=G14A

Serial Number Model Year
JN3-200101 G14AP 1996
JN3-100101 G14AM 1995

Yamaha Hauler – AKA=G11A

Serial Number Model  Year
JR3-400101 G11AW 2001
JR3-300101 G11AU 2000
JR3-200101 G11AT 1999
JR3-100101 G11AS 1998
JR3-000101 G11AR 1997
JR3-000101 G11AP 1996
JJ3-100101 G11AK 1994
JJ3-000101 G11AJ 1993

Yamaha – Fleet Master AKA = G9A

Serial Number Model Year
JG5-400101 G9AM 1995
JG5-300101 G9AK 1994
JG5-200101 G9AJ 1993
JG5-100101 G9AH 1992
JG5-000101 G9AG 1991

Yamaha – Fleet Classic AKA = G8E 

Serial Number Model  Year
JF2-400101 G8AK 1994
JF2-300101 G8AJ 1993
JF2-200101 G8AH 1992
JF2-100101 G8AG 1991
JF2-000007 G8AF 1990

Yamaha – Sun Classic AKA = G5A

Serial Number Model  Year
J50-500101 G5AM 1995
J50-400101 G5AK 1994
J50-300101 G5AJ 1993
J50-200103 G5AH 1992
J50-100101 G5AG 1991
J50-000101 G5AF 1990

Yamaha – Sun Classic AKA = G3A

Serial Number Model Year
J42-000101 G3-A 1986

Yamaha – AKA = G2A

Serial Number Model  Year
J55-200101 G2-AG 1991
J55-100120 G2-AF 1990
J55-000101 G2-AD 1989
JA2-000001 G2-AC 1988
J38-071101 G2-AB 1988
J38-020101 G2-AB 1987
J38-066101 G2-A 1986
J38-007101 G2-A 1986
J38-000101 G2-A5 1985

Yamaha – AKA = G1A

Serial Number Model Year
J31-159082 G1AMD 1989
J31-140101 G1-AM 1986
J31-100101 G1-AM5 1985
J31-000101 G1-AM4 1984
J24-000101 G1-AM3 1983
J17-000101 G1-A3 1982
J10-030101 G1-A2 1981
J10-007705 G1-A1 1980
J10-000101 G1-A 1979

If you need to determine something specific on your Yamaha Golf Cart follow this link to the Yamaha official website. They still offer free look-up for diagrams, owner manuals, etc… a wealth of information for the DIY enthusiast. Especially if you own an older cart for which most cart dealers no longer stock any parts.

Help is on hand

If you need any more help finding the right part for your golf cart, call Pete’s team today.

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10 thoughts on “What Model and What Year is My Yamaha Golf Cart

  1. Looking to purchase a few parts for my Yamaha golf cart. Don’t know the year. Can you help? Serial Number is JC2-210920

    1. Sure thing…. But that number seems weird… sure it is not JW2-______ ? Here is a link to a blog article Pete put together to help customers determine the year and model of their Yamaha golf cart.

      Pete’s team

  2. I have a Yamaha electric don’t no model or year the only number I can find is JN4-101617 do you no the model and year thank you

    1. Thank you for you inquiry…. Sandra you are the proud owner of a 1995 36 volt Ultima cart which is the G14EM ….


  3. The serial number on my Yamaha says JR1 404225. What year is this?

    1. Lauren – Looks like you have a 2000 G19 model Yamaha golf cart based on the serial number provided.

      Pete’s team

  4. Hi I have a Yamaha cart with serial number JR6-178688 can you tell what year it is Thank You Patti

    1. Patti – Sure thing….. Your cart is a 2002 G21-AX ( Yamaha Hauler ) = JR6-100… I simply used the blog article on the site to find it….


  5. I have a Yamaha gas golf cart the only no# is on motor JR6-145554 and fined a no# JR6-2179R01 cant fine serial # any were: broke gas cable ,throught it was a2002 g21 .BUT WRONG CABLE

    1. Rich – remove old cable and measure the length. The ends should be consistent across these model years.

      Pete’s Team

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