Custom Golf Carts- The Sky is the Limit!

If you are looking to create something impressive, original, or uniquely you, Pete has all the parts you need, plus we can help you get the job done with our tutorials and expert advice.      You’ll find picking out your custom parts and doing the installation to be a fun project that you can do on your own, enjoy with a family member, or share with friend.  Everyone can take pride in the transformation of your tired old cart into a head-turning machine; only you will now just how easy Pete’s made it and how easy it was to do!

Choose the Parts, then Build  Custom Cart!

There is no limit on what you can do; here are some of the custom parts that Pete offers to make your cart amazing:

  • Storage seats, club racks
  • Flip seats in the back that let you carry passengers or cargo.
  • Lockable glove box in a carbon fiber dash.
  • New batteries (especially lightweight, powerful Lithium to squeeze out  bit more speed!)
  • Custom seat colors and stitching to match your favorite sports team
  • USB outlets to charge your phone
  • Blue tooth stereos that connect to your Pandora.
  • New motors with more power and speed
  • Lift Kits and larger wheel/tire combos that really make the look
  • LED lights, horn, mirrors, turn signals – everything you need to be street legal
  • And much more!

Custom Golf Cart Inspiration: See the Possibilities!

Explore these outstanding examples of customized carts to spark inspiration for transforming your own golf cart. Witness the incredible evolution from basic beginnings to enhanced masterpieces with the right parts. At, we provide the essential components, while you bring your vision to life using your existing cart. Unleash your creativity as you browse through the images below, and kickstart the process of crafting your perfect golf cart. With Pete’s Golf Carts .com, turning your cart dreams into reality has never been more achievable. You’ve got this!