Keep the sun off your back and stay dry when the good weather heads south with one of Pete’s new golf cart tops.

Get a new roof for your golf cart here!

Pete’s golf cart tops are made in a variety of colors to match your seating and or the paint scheme on your golf cart. Whether you are looking for something to cover a standard two passenger or your new stretched 6 passenger golf cart Pete has you covered. No Pun Intended! All of Pete’s golf cart tops are super easy to install and made from high quality durable plastics.

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Pete's Range of Tops

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Additional Information

Whether you call it a roof or a top, the part above your head in your golf cart is what will be keeping you and your passengers dry if the rain falls; and keeping you in cool shade when the sun is shining too.

The roofs in this page will fit the relevant models. In case of doubt, contact Pete today.