EZ-GO TXT Lithium Installation Kit for Eco Lithium Battery – EB®

$ 269.99

This EB TXT installation kit is designed to make your install easy and quick. Cleanly mount the battery and charger when adding the Eco Battery lithium battery models outlined below to your 1994 and Newer model EZGO TXT. Additionally, a high quality EB state of charge meter is included which keeps you up to date on the status of your new EB lithium battery!


If purchasing an Eco Battery and Charger bundle separately, this is the EZGO TXT Lithium Installation Kit you need for your 1994 and newer EZ-GO TXT model golf cart. This kit includes the high quality and accurate digital gauge, TXT connect port, model specific mounting tray bracket, and any needed bolts and hardware. You’ve invested in a high quality lithium battery and this is the kit needed to finish the job cleanly and professionally.

Installation Kit for 70v 105ah & 51v 160ah Eco Battery LifePo4 Lithium Battery


  • Fits EZGO TXT Models 1994 and Newer
  • For 70v 105ah & 51v 160ah Eco Battery – (sold separately)

Installation Kit Includes:

  • Digital CAN LCD Gauge
  • Cart Specific Locking Quick Connect Charge Port
  • Eco Battery Tray / Mounting Brackets (if required)
  • Bolts and Hardware

Battery & Charger Bundle: (*each sold separately)

Still have questions? No problem! Visit the Eco Battery FAQ page for all the answers.

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Weight 1.8 lbs