Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS About Payment Cards:

  • I’m trying to check out but it keeps giving me an error: But I know my card info is correct. How do I check out?
If it is a Processor Decline there is nothing wrong with your card, you have entered the number and expiration correctly. This is a response from our card processor saying that they sent the transaction to your bank, but the issuing bank for your card declined it. This could be because the amount is outside a limit setting, the card needs to be activated, you are traveling away from where you normally or you don’t make frequent online purchases, etc. You will need to call the number on the back of the card and tell them to approve this transaction. Most likely you will need to speak to the fraud department as they are usually who has set the restriction. Once they do, you can hit Place Order again and it will go through. Try to do this before the order times out or you’ll have to enter it again. The cart will last longer than your card info. That expires and disappears from the page after a few moments, for your protection.

FAQS About Battery Chargers:

  • I am interested in a Delta Q Battery Charger. Can this charger be programmed with an algorithm to match lithium batteries?

The Delta Q Battery Charger has the capabilities to charge Lithium Battery Chemistry. But we will need to know the specifics of the battery to reach out to Delta Q to see if they have a pre-determined or previously created Algorithm for that specific battery or if they can recommend another algorithm that will charge the batteries effectively with out issue. We will need to know the Brand/Manufacturer of battery, battery voltage, and Ah rating at 20hr rate.

about batteries

  • I received the charger today but it doesn’t power up. No lights, no power (power source is ok). Any advice on what to do with it?
  • Does the cart run and drive now?  Or are the batteries completely dead? 

These new style chargers need to be able to sense voltage before they start to apply amperage.  This is a safety feature built in.  In that case you would have to charge the batteries individually with maybe a car battery charger.  Just enough to get them to the minimum threshold where they can detect they are plugged into a battery bank.  Some folks think it should be charging the minute they plug it into the wall (and not the cart).  This is not the case.


More Informations

Other scenarios apply depending on the golf cart. For instance if it’s a late model Club Car they use an OBC (On Board Computer) to tell the charger when to turn on and off.  So if that’s not working or if it has been bypassed or if you purchase the wrong 3 pin charger same results.  A bypass charger won’t work if the OBC is functional and an OBC charger won’t work if the OBC has been bypassed.

This is why it is always best to give us a call and let on of our Team members help ensure you get the right golf cart charger.