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How To Maintain Your New Electric Golf Cart and What To Check Periodically

How To Maintain Your New Electric Golf Cart

Congrats on your new golf cart purchase. You are well on your way to having some fun in the sun with a very mindful low impact on the environment with green house gases by choosing an electric vehicle for transportation over a gas engine. Electric vehicles are great! With very low cost of ownership and…

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The Benefits of a Battery Watering System for Your Golf Cart

Battery Watering System Image Installed

The team at Pete’s Golf Carts have decades of experience working with golf carts of all types, including all the different parts and maintenance. Find out more about how battery watering systems fit into your golf cart care regime, and whether this is maintenance you want to do yourself or whether you’d prefer to book…

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What is a Golf Cart Battery Charger

golf cart battery charger

Your golf cart battery charger is basically a electrical device that can redirect electric current back into your golf cart’s battery system. Some are designed to recharge your batteries quickly and others that charge your batteries slowly. Then you have what we call a trickle charger that produces a very small current that is applied…

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